Video #1 – Opening seminar

Discover the first video of Y.civic project! We are proud to present you the opening seminar in video. Our thanks to the participants and speakers: Nasser, Ségolène Jacquemin, Tommaso Grimaldi and Dirk Jarré.

On October 14, UNESSA organized the Y.civic opening seminar at the Bonnevie Training Center. This project, co-funded by the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union, brang together 75 persons from 6 differents countries : Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Germany and Romania. With the participation of: AFEV, BARKA, Bleu Blanc Zebre, Bonnevie, Citizens Campus, Civitas, Associazione Cuore Che Vede, JST, UNESSA, IDée53, Esope, CEC, ProVocatie et Femmes actives.

Video production: Knock Knock Prod