Final seminar – Photos

The 14th of October marked the end of Y.civic. Eighty-seven of you participated in the final seminar of the project. Thank you very much for your participation. The conclusions/recommendations will be available soon.

Final seminar – 14/10/22

📣 Y.civic is almost over. After 6 seminars, 5 of which on specific thematic, we are now at the 7th and last seminar. All this in 1 year !

Our seminars were attended by 600 people 🤩 We couldn’t have wished for more! You were involved, motivated and determined 💪 You attended the debates, workshops, preparatory activities and post-seminar Actions. You have travelled, discovered new cultures, contributed to what unites us all: Europe 🇪🇺
This project is yours!

👉 This is why we have the great pleasure to invite you to the Y.civic Final Seminar which will take place on 14 October 2022 in Brussels. Join us from 9am to 1pm to conclude this wonderful project together. Let’s not miss the opportunity to see each other one last time!

✅ Meet at the Maison des Associations Internationales, Rue Washington, 40B in 1050 Brussels, Belgium.

⚠ Registration required via this link:

Video #5 – Civic engagement

Citizens campus organised the fourth thematic transnational seminar of the Y.civic project in Marseille on the theme of “Civic engagement”.

🔎 Citizen challenges with committed actors throughout Marseille, playful animations around Europe, collective intelligence workshops to answer European challenges, without forgetting convivial times with music and dance!

We would like to thank the witnesses – Marco, Justine and Paul -, all the participants and volunteers mobilized for this seminar as well as the twenty or so actors who agreed to participate: Le pied de Mouton, Les Têtes de l’art, Eurocircle, Pro BonoLab, La Cloche, Emmaüs Connect, Génération Politique, A voté, Marseille Capitale de la Mer, 1 déchet par Jour, Maison à vivre Les Jardins d’Haïti, Maison de retraite le Bon pasteur, Agence du service civique, Mars Connexion, Lutherie et activités artistiques, Alain Girard, APELS, CIVIS, La Ruche Marseille, Rugby Club Marseillais, Delta France Association, Lab’on-ID, Mission locale du Pays de Grasse

Video production : Laboratoire d’expression de la Mission Locale de Grasse et Lab’on-ID.

Transnational seminar #5 – Civil rights promotion and media

Next transnational seminar soon! This time we will meet you in Cluj-Napoca. It’s our last thematic seminar and it will discuss the “Civil rights promotion and media”. This project, co-funded by the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union, will bring together young Europeans from Belgium, France, Italy, Poland and Romania.