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Afev is a national association recognized of general interest since 1991. It mobilizes thousands of students every year to support young people with academic difficulties and create links within working-class neighborhoods. By fighting against educational and social inequalities, they act for a more just and supportive society through 3 programs: student mentoring, volunteering in Civic Service dedicated to educational actions and colocations to solidarity projects (KAPS). Present in 350 neighborhoods, organizing more than one million hours of solidarity commitment per year, Afev has become the first network of student intervention in working-class neighborhoods.

At the same time, the solidarity engagement platforms, located in partner universities, promote the solidarity commitment of students and the link between university, students and territory.

Afev complements its field action with advocacy work by conducting awareness campaigns among the general public: Day of Refusal of School Failure, Observatory of Youth Engagement, Observatory of The Social Responsibility of Universities, Lab’Afev, ZEP Blog

Afev in figures:

> Afev is the first network of intervention of solidarity students in the neighborhoods. With Afev, 8,000 young people get involved every year.

> Nearly 80% of mentoring missions are conducted at home, in close collaboration with families.

> Afev operates in 350 neighbourhoods, in partnership with 900 schools.

> 260 local authorities are involved in Afev’s solidarity project.

> Afev is present in 150 higher education institutions.

> More than 70,000 people affected by our actions in 2017-2018.

> 200 employees in 50 divisions.






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