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Barka is an NGO that was created in response to the growing social problems of the transition period.

Barbara and Tomasz Sadowscy, the founders, wanted to create environments, social structures in which “forgotten and undesirable” members of Polish society would have the opportunity to develop personally and socially.

Barka has resulted in the creation of an alternative support system that brings together people belonging to socially neglected groups, allowing them to rebuild their identity, their global education and to find themselves in a new socio-economic reality.

Barka’s leaders and residents are involved in addiction prevention activities aimed at young people in the Pobiedziska village.

In August, we met in 6 villages community centers – we did fermentation experiments, we used alcohol in chemical experiments. But we also talked about the damage that alcohol abuse can do to our bodies and families. We also talked about the fact that addiction is a disease. The problem of alcohol availability, lowering the age of consent to “drinking” and not understanding how ethyl alcohol works on a biological level were part of our meeting. So generally we talked about the problems of young people related to addiction using the knowledge of Barka’s experienced leaders.



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