Y.civic project

Y.Civic is being developed as part of the Europe for Citizens Programme, which aims to help bring the EU, its history and diversity to understand and to encourage democratic participation of citizens.

“Youth and Citizenship”
2020 – 2022

This project aims to learn active citizenship for young people!

5 transnational seminars were organised around this theme and on the basis of major issues such as the promotion of rights, understanding of democratic issues, civic involvement and the organization of civil society, climate and environment, social networks etc.


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Civic commitment

We support young people from less advantaged areas in their commitment to the common good


We encourage the emergence of a new generation of citizen leaders around the public interest



Video #6 – Civil rights promotion and media

Video #6 – Civil rights promotion and media

The fifth transnational seminar of the Y.civic project took place in Cluj-Napoca on 29-30 September 2022. It focused on "civil rights promotion and media". Discover the video and the testimonies of Hanna, Raluca, Elin and Rayane!Thank you all for your involvement!...

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Final seminar – Photos

Final seminar – Photos

The 14th of October marked the end of Y.civic. Eighty-seven of you participated in the final seminar of the project. Thank you very much for your participation. The conclusions/recommendations will be available soon.

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